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App requirements for integrating with the AppOnFly platform

If you are a software vendor interested in selling through AppOnFly, your app must comply with the following parameters:

  1. It must be be a native Windows desktop application which is compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2.

  2. You must be prepared to offer pay as-you-go licensing.
    AppOnFly’s customers pay a fixed monthly price for all apps, without having to make long-term commitments.

  3. You must be prepared to offer a free trial of your app for 30 days.
    AppOnFly offers its customers free 30-day trials for all apps.

  4. Your application must be multi-tenant on Windows Server - Remote Desktop Session Host (formerly known as Terminal Server)
    Your app is multi-tenant if it meets the following requirements:

    • Multiple users must be able to run your app simultaneously on a shared server.
    • The app usage of one user must not conflict with or affect the app usage of other users.
    • Configuration files, registers and stored data must be part of a user profile or a folder shared by a specific user group.

How does multi-tenancy work? Here’s an example:

Ann and Arthur are users/employees of Alfa company.
Bob and Britney are users/employees of Beta company.
Each user has their own user profile (user’s desktop, documents, hive register, etc.).
Each company has a traditional Windows shared folder for sharing data between company users.
User profiles, privacy, and proper shared folder permissions are secure and guaranteed by AppOnFly’s default settings.
All users use the app on one shared Windows Remote Desktop Server.

This app is fully multi-tenant if:

  • All configuration files, registers and data are placed in respective user profiles.
  • Whatever Arthur does can’t influence Ann, Bob or Britney.
  • Nobody can access another user’s data.

Secure sharing is an important multi-tenant feature:

  • If required, Ann and Arthur can share configuration files and data using a shared folder. Bob and Britney can do the same in their shared folder.
  • Whatever Arthur or Ann does can’t influence Bob or Britney and vice versa
  • Alfa users can’t access the data of Beta users and vice versa.

Want some help with multi-tenancy?

Some apps may require hard-paths (e.g. D:\App\...) or specific settings in local machine registers, etc. We are skilled at using various techniques (substitution, redirection, scripting, etc.) to make some apps perform like multi-tenant apps. Contact our support team now if you would like our help.

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